This website

This site was initiated by the labs of Konrad Basler (University of Zurich) and Francois Karch (University of Geneva) as a collaboration under the Swiss NCCR Frontiers-in-Genetics program.

Through funding by the NCCR, the Basler and Karch labs have been optimizing the PhiC31 integrase system for the Drosophila community. The purpose of this site is to provide the Drosophila community a continually updated collection of tools and technical improvements generated through this collaboration. Because of this, most (if not all) of the resources mentioned on this site will be derived from the above collaboration (much of this work has been published in "An optimized transgenesis system for Drosphila using germ-line specific PhiC31 integrases"). Other groups may have their own methods to improve the technique even further. Currently, advances from other groups have not been included on this site. However, in the future, we hope other labs using this system will contact us, so that we can include their observations and improvements on this site.

This website has been designed by Yannis Jaquet at the University of Geneva. It is optimized for the Firefox 2.0 browser.