Frequently asked Questions:

Does the constant expression of the PhiC31 integrase in the germline result in odd chromosomal rearrangements?
According to our tests (chromosome squashes) and observations the risk for such incidents seems not to be a serious concern in Drosophila. However, the integrase can potentially cause problems, especially if one imagines that the integrase is probably constantly expressed in the germline.
Thus, we generally recommend crossing out the integrase as soon as one has done the injection. To facilitate this we generated the combined lines in such a way that the integrase source is generally on the X chromosome and thus can be quickly removed. Further, as for any experiment, it is just "cleaner" to get rid of any transgene, which is eventually not needed for the experiment - another reason to remove the integrase. Because of a potential failure we also recommend to keep integrase-containing flies at 18° if not needed for an experiment.