Some phiC31 integrase lines

name genotype
vas-dΦ-zh2A y w M{eGFP.vas-int.Dm}ZH-2A; +; +; +
vas-dΦ-zh102D y w hsFlp; +; +; M{eGFP.vas-int.Dm}ZH-102D
nos-ΦNLS-X y w P{y+.nos-int.NLS}; +; +; +

These are 3 examples of lines carrying a phiC31 integrase without an accessible attP site. The first two lines contain a phiC31 integrase transgene that was optimized with respect to the Drosophila codon usage (abrreviated as "dΦ" in the name and as "int.Dm" in the genotype). This integrase is marked with an eGFP marker that is expressed in the eyes of adult flies via the 3xP3 promoter. The third line contains the phage phiC31 integrase version marked by yellow.