This is our currently used integration vector for the Gal4/UAS-mediated expression of transgenes. Below you see a schematic of this vector and additionally the mechanism of integration into our used attP landing site. The UAS-MCS-SV40 cassette is identical with the one in the pUAST vector by Brand and Perrimon (1993).


The sequence of the pUASTattB vector can be found in the GenBank data base under the accession number EF362409.


This is a similar vector as the one above, except that the UAS-MCS-SV40 cassette was removed and replaced by the MCS only. Such a vector may be convenient for cloning of genomic rescue constructs and the like.


This vector may be helpful for testing promoters, enhancers and suppressor elements. placZattB contains a MCS, followed by a hsp70 minimal promoter sequence, and a lacZ reporter gene that contains an NLS motif.


Gateway attB vectors

Plasmids pUASg.attB and pUASg-HA.attB. The latter contains a C-terminal 3xHA tag.

More integration vectors will be added as they are available.